Fare Hike: Partial Rollback

Railways announced a partial rollback on the fare hikes on 24 June. In a press release on Tuesday, the Railways said there shall be no increase in second class suburban ordinary fare for a distance upto 80km. The Railways also gave some relief to season ticket holders by reverting to 15 the number of trips for which they will have to pay for travelling unlimited times in a month.Under the revised order today, the increase in the fares of monthly season tickets for upto 5 km will come down by Rs 50 from Rs 150 to Rs 100 as compared to the June 20 revision. For a distance upto 150 km, the benefit will be Rs 520 as compared to the proposed hike announced on June 20. –

Luggage Allowed with Traveller

Each passenger is allowed a free allowance up to which he/she can carry luggage with him/her in the compartment, free of cost. The free allowance varies for different classes of travel. Children aged 5 and below 12 years are allowed half of the free allowance subject to the maximum of 50 Kgs. You are also permitted a marginal allowance. Passengers are allowed to book and carry excess luggage beyond the free allowance with them in the compartment up to the maximum limit as per class mentioned below on payment of charge at 1.5 times of luggage rate.(Luggage rate table for distance/weight is available from Indian Railways.)

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June 2014 Fare Hikes

Railway minister Sadananda Gowda announced increasing passenger fares 14.62 per cent and freight rates 6.47 per cent effective from 25th June. Season tickets charges will double as well under the new rules. The revised fares will also apply to tickets issued in advance for journeys to commence on or after 25.06.2014.In the case of tickets already issued at pre-revised rates, the difference in fares and other charges on or after 25.06.2014 will be recovered either by TTEs on the trains or by the Booking/Reservation Offices before the commencement of journey by passengers.

In nutshell, following are the changes to be effective from 25th June 2014.

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Ticket Refund Rules

You are advised to cancel your reserved tickets 48 hours before the departure of the train, for minimum loss. Refunds are explained below.

Unreserved tickets

Refund of fare shall be made on every such ticket after deducting the clerkage.

  1. The ticket shall be presented for cancellation within three hours of issue of ticket.
  2. In case of tickets issued in advance the ticket is presented upto 2400 (12 midnight) hours of the day preceding the day of journey

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Concessions in Indian Railways

Indian Railways offers various concession schemes to eligible travelers. Students on study tours, patients suffering from various ailments like cancer, heart ailments and AIDS, war widows and so on are eligible for concession along with school and college going students for their daily travels. A form needs to be filled with relevant signature and seal from medical professional etc for availing the concession.The corresponding forms can be downloaded from the Indian Railways website.
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